Your Haven In The Middle Of Chaos – Zolo Homestel In Siruseri

Zolo Homestel - Pg in Siruseri Chennai

Imagine waking up to the chirping of the birds and kickstarting your day with a view of swaying trees. Where you wake up in the midst of a fresh breath of energy and where the radiant sun promises you a day full of love, laughter, and happiness.

In the manic hustle bustle of the 21st century, it becomes even more imperative to find a humble abode which calms the lingering mind. However, it becomes a Herculean task to browse for a magical place in the commotion of a city.

The Indian living scenario for working professionals is accustomed to apartment buildings, preferably rental accommodations, close to the workplace. The perks of living in city-centres definitely include easy access to almost everything, but one cannot deny that this accessibility comes with heavy baggage. And, this is so because the city days begin and end with traffic, pollution, lots of noise, crowded spaces and everything that gets under your nerves. 

It is after much hullabaloo that a property like Zolo Homestel comes into existence.

PG In Siruseri Near TCS, Cognizant

Of course, to create a space which provides a relaxing environment, away from the chaos, and in the biggest economic centre of Southern India is not an easy task. Homestel is designed to fulfil

two very contrasting factors–of a humble, natural abode and a place close to the industrial dominion of Chennai. It now stands in the vicinity of both. And, the best part about this paying guest accommodation in Chennai? The joy of living amidst nature!

Having IT parks like SIPCOT Industrial Area nearby and companies like Syntel and Cognizant Technologies, this PG in Chennai is swarming with the majority of their staff. According to some of them, the sole reason to choose this PG in Siruseri for young boys and girls was to enjoy some peace at the end of a long day.

Their hectic work drains their energy at multiple levels and nonetheless they are in dire need of a space which enables them to have a moment or two in a place devoid of any commotion or discomfort. Hence, Homestel.


Zolo Homestel - PG in Chennai


If you’re thinking that living here will shred your pockets, don’t fret. This property is designed for working professionals who are in dire need of great paying guest accommodation in Chennai.


Places like Homestel let you live the ‘fancy resort’ life every day. Be it providing you with a fun Clubhouse space to hang out with friends or helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle by equipping gym with the best machines, this PG in Chennai indeed has a lot to offer. One of the recently added on perks also includes dedicated shuttle service to the main road for the residents.


What constitutes a promising experience is having to come back to a place where everything is taken care of and all you have to do is just rejoice in the tranquillity. And, nothing can match up to sharing this incredible feeling with people who connect with you. Homestel ensures a joyous experience with a box full of celebrations and merriment with like-minded people.

Having to stay in a place which lets you be yourself is indeed very gratifying. At Homestel, even as the sky gradually becomes darker, and the peaceful wind brings with it the sound of crickets singing melodies of gaiety — we are aware that what will ultimately foster happiness is the feeling of residing in a place that lets you be You!


And, Zolo Homestel lets you be You!

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