8 Annoying Things Every Landlord Bugs You With

“Landlord”- the king of the mighty apartment that you reside in can indeed be tough to deal with, especially when he is world famous for having the authority to make decisions based on your living choices.

A pesky landlord/landlady more often than not, knowingly or unknowingly, stands between the way of your happiness. They are an expert in meddling with your mood even on good days.

The only time when there is the minutest probability of them acting nice with you is during the beginning of the month when your rent is due. However, if you, by any chance, fail to produce the cash, there are chances that they’d attain the form of a devil.

After having experienced way more Landlord blues than Monday blues, I definitely consider myself the most eligible person to write this post. My landlord has said the wildest of things out of the blue which can make anyone go nuts.

And, here are the top eight annoying things which made me pull my hair out:

1) “Listen, it’s the second of the month! Where is the rent?” 

“Um, yep!

It’s JUST second of the month and not the tenth!

For heaven’s sake where is it written that you are supposed to pay rent on the first itself or else you will be asked to vacate the room! According to me, it is absolutely humane to pay it after fifth and I do not find any major glitch in the same whatsoever.”

zolostays, landlord problems
C’mon! You can’t be serious!

2) You and your friends were making too much noise last night. You do know right that there are families staying here?”

“Actually what I do know is that this is my apartment and I can do whatever I want because I pay for it.

Also, next time I will make sure to speak in hushed tones, tiptoe around my own place, be conscious when I breathe next time, and soundproof the whole place fo sho”

the face you make when you meet your landlord
Keeping your cool becomes harder than being a JEDI

3) “How come you have so many friends?”

“Well, that’s because man is a social animal.

And, also because I have a life, duh!”

Man is a social animal! Ermm…wait a minute.


4) “Come on time, okay? Don’t be too late”

“Yes, sure. I am a five-year-old kid and there are chances that I might get lost in the scary crowd full of big, mature, independent people.

Sure, I will be on time!!

*awkward smile* ”

make landlord trouble go away with Zolostays
You wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say

5. “Listen, I am keeping my furniture at your place”

“Why not! I mean, that’s exactly why I pay rent, isn’t it?

You yourself can happily shift here tomorrow, I won’t mind, really!”

hassle free living at zolostays
Jo Mer Hai Woh Tera Hai, Aur Jo Tera Hai Woh Tera Hi Hai!!

6)  “Where were you all this while”

“I was playing football in office and thereafter, chilling on the beach along with my brand new aviators; enjoying life!!

And, also, how does it bother you, again?”


zero nosy landlords at zolostays
Here, have my ATM pin too!

7) “Who told you that you can get your boyfriend/girlfriend here”

“Are we living in the 1600s by any chance?

Also, do you want me to cover myself from tip to toe tomorrow onwards?

Please feel free to take all my major life decisions for me”


unisex coliving spaces at zolostays
Aapki Aagya Maharaj

8. “This needs to be fixed so get it repaired asap”

“What exactly is your work then? Other than irritating me?”

all amenities at zolostays
Your wish is my command!

Phew! Now that it is out of my system, I must tell you that if you can relate to even one of those points, you need to check us out.

Not only are there no nosy and tyrannical landlords, but there are no landlords…PERIOD.

Experience a landlord free life, only at Zolostays – India’s #1 Coliving Spaces 🙂

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